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3D Daniel Gould review
It was a walk in the park and the rain through the beautiful Amstelpark to the Glazen Huis for the show "TRANSPARANTIE," by two artists. Marlijn Franken began her career as a theater and film costume designer. About four years ago when the creative challenges for those two mediums began to diminish she turned her talent to using fabric and material in a conceptual manner or, in other words, to become an artist. Her first efforts echoed the fashion influences that she was familiar with, but the current work is a clear break from that, though there are a few examples of earlier style of her work on display. She features, in this show, 30 to 100+ cms., high stela like objects which are often presented as a pair. They are made from a natural fabric material and layered strip-by-strip into a monumental form. Considering that it is fabric they are far from being colorful which you might expect. She uses the hues of bronze, gold, ochres and subdued blues and oranges. There is also a series where she has molded the torso of a nude into the fabric with subtle visual results. The piece hangs from the ceiling or a wall. Your choice. There are three or four "dresses" on display, but 3D isn't sure you can wear them. The show stopper is a two minute video loop with a full 60 minute new age musical composition. Franken shot half of it in Amstelpark capturing the onslaught of autumn with its falling leaves. But, in her editing, she has turned this simple idea into a conceptual and abstract manifestation of the event. Nice! (40x23010 cms., @ 250 euro; 80x35x20 cms., @ 750 euro;  230x80x30 cms., @ 1,250; 125x125x70 cms., @ 1,500 euro.)  Five red dots at opening.