Orangerie RED (2008), in- and outside the Orangerie in Amstelpark Amsterdam. Wearable art made of red plastic supermarket bags, disposables. Fashion? So transitory. A wink.

Marlijn asked several interesting artists to join her project. So P.T. Alesigfashion (Personal Touch Models) and 5th Avenue did the choreography/organisation of the show, while musician Boris van der Lek accompanied live on tenorsax. created fantastic hats. Supported by: Dirk van den Broek, Amsterdam Art Foundation, Town-district Zuider-Amstel.

Kunstomhetlijf (2008), show/competition in de Rijp. Marlijn participated in the theme 'recycling' with her waterbags project, in combination with a presentation stand.  Marlijn asked her models, half African, half Surinam, to design the choreography themselves, wich resulted in a very powerful show. A show with a story. In her stand Marlijn showed her documentary video 'Water=Life', in which she showes the waterbags traject in West-Africa: from production, transport, sale, consumption, garbage in the streets, collecting, wash and dry them, till images of the use of drinking water and her cooperation with westafrican artists on the theme. Video check: GALLERY / wearable art


Photo: Rico d'Rozario  -  photo upper right: Roberto Martini